Our mission:

Incubate and facilitate the growth of social enterprises and public education programs that leverage, impact and promote local value creation and investment. Such enterprises and programs are guided by environmental values and foster community sustainability.

Vision statement:

By 2020, SCI will have incubated / facilitated social enterprises and policies central to creating a 'zero-waste' economy in our region.

SCI recognizes two particular challenges to address, among others, in actualizing the SCI Vision statement:

  • There are insufficient numbers of deconstruction companies to benefit from the millions of tons of potential salvaged building materials currently in the regional waste stream.
  • Municipal, county, and state governments don't tend to work together on waste and economic development issues.

Traditional SCI values and understandings:

Community Sustainability = the intersection of the following 4 elements:

  • Community Partnerships / [Social Capital]
  • Community Design / [especially the Built Environment]
  • Community Enterprises / [Jobs & Livelihoods]
  • Community Conservation / [Cultural & Ecosystem Preservation]

SCI has experience making use of wasted resources in the form of local salvage

SCI has a focus on the built environment

SCI has experience developing social enterprises and public programs and processes

SCI wants to take advantage of local economic opportunities

SCI is committed to preserve and enhance the natural environment

SCI has had good success integrating across disciplines

SCI has experience starting where communities are - with their immediate needs

SCI aspires to build understandings & change behaviors

Every gift, large or small, helps us to fulfill our mission. Sustainable Community Initiatives is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation and donations are eligible to receive a tax deduction for the full amount allowed by law.

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